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PREMAT, s.r.o.

Company Premat s.r.o. is manufacturer of serial accurate parts assigned for branch of engineering needs, which are producing in mediate and bigger batches.

In company are machining forged pieces, moulds, bars and tubes from different kind of steel and alloy.

Company was found in 1992 with original name Prema s.r.o., which was in 1998 renamed on Premat s.r.o.

Company info

Company name: Premat, s.r.o.
Place of business: Holého 1356
014 01 Bytča, Slovakia
GPS: 49°13.226' - 18°33.333'
IČO: 36379425
IČ DPH: SK 2020108904
Date of Establishment: 10.2.1998
Partners: Ing. Holáš Ján
Ing. Kováčik Norbert

Tel./fax: +421 41 5523108

Place of business

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